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Lighting Control Customize Your Own Ambience

Customize you lighting system based on how you feel by selecting from a wide range of colors to help you easily set the mood however you desire.

Set lighting sequences from anywhere in the world effortlessly from your PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

Smart lighting system increases your home security by configuring and emulating presence through activating scenarios to give an impression that you are home.

Sync your lighting system to other smart devices at your home and let your lights interact with the audio and video playing around.
Your smart lighting takes inputs from compatible devices and intelligently reacts to it.


Motorized Window Treatments Smart Windows For a Smart Home

Curtains and shutters are yours to control the way you desire! Intelligent curtains motorization helps you achieve maximum optimization of the light entering your house. In addition to effortless control over the shutters condition to protect your family’s privacy.

Let your smart home wake up and go to bed with you by setting your curtains to automatically open and close with the changing sunrise and sunset times.


Automatically program your shades to be lowered if the sun is too bright or, protecting you from UV rays.

Don’t need to pull on straps. Smart roll-down shutters can be conveniently controlled throughout the house with remote control, app, voice control, or automatically with a timer. Providing more security against burglars. Also, smart shutter are able to automatically open all shutters to clear escape routes.

Smart Security

Enjoy peace of mind when you are away from home with our smart security solutions. Get notifications about your home’s status, visitors, or threats remotely from anywhere in the world.

With a Smart CCTV Camera Systems that allows you to check-in on your indoor and outdoor spaces from the comfort of your sofa or the other side of the world.

No more lost keys. Smart Locks are here to make you secure with only using your fingerprint, a onetime password generated by your phone or RFID cards, offering you easy and secure access.

Know who is at your door without moving with Smart Doorbells that has a built HD cameras and real-time two-way audio systems that allow you to communicate with your visitors.

Let a guest or a family member in without even being at home smartly through your smart device using smart door locks. Ask the delivery boys to drop your package and keep away suspicious people.


Multimedia Control Turn On Intelligent Living

Experience flexibility of controlling the multimedia devices at your house with a press of a button or a voice command. Link your audio and video devices to create a customized scene that sets the mood for your occasion or just a lazy weekend at home.

Creating scenes and set schedules to trigger multiple devices at a time during specific time of the day has become so easy! Set your scene to a Relax Mood,
Cinema Scene or even Fairy Tale Scene for Children.

Set a time to turn your TV on. Simulate your presence while being away from home when needed.


Choose the media you want to play, set your playlist or movie and control volume at your level of comfort effortlessly through your smart device or using voice commands.

Get rid of individual remotes to control separate appliances.
Integrate and Control devices across brands and applications under a single remote or smartphone for one-touch control.

Connect all your speakers across rooms to play the same music or stream different music in each room as per your convenience and need.


Smart Safety Protect Your Loved Ones

Smoke! Gas or water leakage! Rest assured while your smart safety system does not only notify you on any safety threats, but also gives you the ability to take instant corrective actions.

Smart homes including intelligent safety sensors are more protected than other houses. Quick detection of any smoke, gas, or water leakage from any unapproachable area of the house.

Receive instant alerts and notification on your smart devices in case of any smoke, gas, or water leakage detected by the sensors for your

In case of a fire, smoke sensors can be configured to work synchrony with other devices to take action. With one touch, you can open blinds, windows, doors, and light up the escape pathway.

On a vacation or at work and received of a gas or water leakage alert on your smart device, instantly take corrective action by turning off all the gas or water sources with a press of a button.

Surveillance Be Aware. Anywhere.

Keep an eye on your home all the time! Away from home; at work or on a vacation; have a round-the-clock monitoring of your house though our smart surveillance system.


Experience live streaming on your smart device to let you know what is happening inside and outside your house.

Get instantly notified of any unwanted movement inside or around your home premises. Turn on the camera on your smart device and see it for yourself whether you were in your house or not.

Keep an eye on visitors and know about who is paying you a visit even when you are not home. For better safety, check out who is there at your main door before opening it for the ultimate peace of mind.


Make sure that your security and surveillance cameras are active any time of the day. The HD streaming with both, day and night vision, will provide a crystal clear videos right on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world.


Interactive Home Your Smart Home Will Get Things Done For You

Your house is your kingdom, role it entirely through your smart device or just your voice! No need to reach out to remote controls or devices’ switchers; interact with your house smartly and remotely like never before.

Control your Smart Home devices both, separately or in pre-set themes, just over your voice commands using Alexa or Google Home. Speak the trigger word and your house will interact with you.

Just ask and your house will answer! Know about the latest news, set reminders for your daily activities, never miss on schedules, and get valuable suggestions and much more.

Whether you are using Alexa or Google home, your voice command will be well heard and recognized even with music on. Once the magic words are heard, your house will react to them.

Whether you are using Alexa or Google home, your voice command will be well heard and recognized even with music on. Once the magic words are heard, your house will react to them.

The smart home automation system we provide now supports the Arabic language in addition to a large number of languages to help you interact in the language you prefer.

Climate Control Experience Ultimate Comfort

No one can control the climate outside, but you can control it inside your home with full control of air conditioners, heaters, and air purifiers. Take comfort to the next level with our climate control systems.

Let your home give you a cozy welcome by turning on your AC or heater right before you arrive home from an exhausting day at
work simply through your smart device.

Monitor the house temperature and control it based on the climate conditions and fluctuations outside for optimum adaptation and energy usage.


Smart climate control system allows you to customize your house’s atmosphere by customizing scenarios of when to increase or decrease the temperature.

Take smart decisions to match your home’s temperature to your needs even when you are not actually in there from your smart
device, anywhere and anytime.